Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Persuasively written personalized email campaigns are far more effective than traditional direct mail campaigns. Inovamax can provide the entire infrastructure and manage your list for you.

Opt-in email newsletters are an inexpensive yet highly profitable way to contact customers and prospects on a regular basis to announce company news, product launches, staff introductions, industry-related news, job openings and more, without the high cost of printing, postage and labor to process a printed newsletter version.

Inovamax can send email messages in any format including text, html, embedded graphics and attachments. Monitor and analyze your email campaign with customizable reports. Learn who reads your emails and who clicks through to your website.

Inovamax showcases their great results with email response tracking reports. Track and monitor your email campaign performance and web site traffic. Custom reports can be created on-the-fly or regularly scheduled for email delivery.

Inovamax provides access to everything you need to capture information from site visitors with custom web forms, manage data with online databases, send personalized emails, and monitor and track results.