On-Line Media Campaigns

On-Line Media Campaignss

Once your site is launched, Inovamax can help plan and implement an on-line marketing strategy to generate targeted traffic to your web site. Inovamax senior management has direct and significant experience marketing and managing traffic for large scale web sites. Inovamax can develop an on-line marketing plan, complete with advertising creative, media buying and placement services.

As part of a product specification, Inovamax can cover:

  • On-Line Media Contacts Database Development
  • On-Line Advertising Campaign Management
  • On-Line Business Plan Development
  • Advertising Concept Development
  • Media Buying / Placement Service
      Pay per Click (PPC)
      Cost per Action (CPA)
      Banner Advertising
  • Web Site Sponsorships
  • Inovamax understands the intricacies of on-line advertising placements, how impressions are recorded, what works and doesn’t work in digital advertising. Because Inovamax has experience on both the client and vendor side of the transaction, they are uniquely capable of identifying the better opportunities available on the web today.